Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday Finish - teaching patchwork quilts

A new sewing centre opened up nearby and I approached them to teach some basic patchwork classes and was excited when they said yes.

I love the idea of spreading the quilting love and helping others make beautiful handmade items. My first class utilised my own pattern "Baby Love" available on in my etsy store here. Check out some proud quilters; one who had never used a sewing machine before this class.


I also teach a beginners patchwork class using 5 inch squares. The quilt uses 8 different fabrics with 10 squares cut from each fabric. I made a few sample designs from the shops fabric for them to display. Here are some pics of the samples I finished recently.

This one is a plus sign design. I show my students that something as simple as fabric placement can create many different quilt designs.

This is a diagonal design and pictured here is just the quilt top. I love the way the light came through this fabric when I took this picture.

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Till next time....happy sewing....
xx Jenny


  1. How awesome you were able to get in on the ground floor to begin teaching beginners! I love the idea of teaching how placement can set the mood and/or design of a quilt.

  2. Awesome! I love that you taught someone who had never even used a sewing machine before. And look at their smiles to go along with the beautiful pieced tops - priceless! Sounds like a great fit, and I like how you are teaching about fabric placement.

  3. I live in north west Sydney, and was wondering which shop you are teaching at? Thanks!


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