Friday, 12 December 2014

The Queen Bed Baby Clothes Quilt

It seems that once I started offering my customers quilts made with baby clothes I couldn't stop. They are such a special item and so full of memories for the parents and a real keepsake.

I must say I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love creating something so unique and special and talking to the mums about each item and the memories they have......BUT working with so many different types of fabrics can be a quilting nightmare. I do back each piece with iron on stabiliser but in order for the quilt to remain soft I choose a very lightweight one so there is still a lot of stretch you need to deal with when sewing. My trick - go slow...very slow...and pin your pieces....

I must admit putting all these little pieces of clothes together is fun and my favourite part of he quilting process is putting the binding on. There is a real sense of achievement at this stage.

To break up the busyness of the quilt I added two plain borders. A smaller border to frame the quilt and a larger one to soften the overall look of the quilt. The quilt is backed with a soft blue flannel and being Queen size is the biggest baby clothes quilt I've attempted and hopefully the last - they just are so time consuming.

Make sure you come back soon as I will be posting an easy step by step guide on how to make a baby clothes quilt in the coming weeks !!

Till next time....happy sewing....

xx Jenny


  1. Congrats on such a beautiful and super large baby clothes quilt finish, Jenny! Love seeing all the different pieces together. Those borders were a good call. You did an incredible job!

  2. The borders set off the quilt so nicely, and I love how you reused the inner border as the binding choice. It really frames out the quilt!

  3. Time consuming but oh so pretty. It's really special - I'll come back for your guide cause it sounds like just the thing I'd like to make for my sister or myself in one or two years!

  4. What a great idea to keep those special clothes, but in a more usable way. Love it, Jenny! You can see your love and attention to detail in the fabric cuts too -- beautiful! So glad you linked up to TGIFF!

  5. I can see why it's time consuming but it is a beautiful quilt, and such a lovely way to keep the memories of those baby days!

  6. I looks awesome! I love the design you used, much better than an ordinary "t shirt" quilt layout.


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