Saturday, 26 April 2014

Tutorial - DIY Strap Covers

Today I thought I'd share with you a simple yet effective tutorial for strap covers. These can be used to protect the straps of your pram, car seat, high chair and baby carrier from drool, food and the like. They are also effective in the car to stop seatbelts from rubbing on your little ones neck.

14" x 20" 100% Cotton Fabric
14" x 20" Minky Fabric
14" x 20" 100% Cotton Batting
10.5" x 1" Wide Velcro
Tape Measure
Sewing Machine

Step 1. Out of each of the cotton and minky fabric cut two 7" x 10" rectangles. From the batting also cut two 7" x 10" rectangles. For the Velcro cut two 5 1/4' strips.

Step 2. Put one cotton piece on top of the minky piece, right sides together. Place one batting piece on top of that. Pin all together.

Step 3. Sew 1/2″ from the edge all of the way around leaving a 2″ opening.

Step 4. Turn the rectangle right side out and top stitch 1/4″ along the edge, closing the opening as you go.

Step 5. Stitch one Velcro strip “loop” side to the right side of the strap cover. Flip the rectangle over and repeat using “hook” side of the Velcro.

Step 6. Repeat steps 2 -5 for second strap cover.

You are finished. To use simply wrap around the strap you are covering and fasten the Velcro at the back. By using Velcro you are also able to adjust the width of the covers to fit your desired straps. To clean simply throw in the wash and line dry.

 If you're not the crafty type, I've made a few and listed them in my Etsy store here.

Till next time....Happy Sewing....

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