Saturday, 26 July 2014

Friday Finish: Baby Love Quilt Set

Today I wanted to share with you my completed Baby Love quilt set. I bought some  Littlest by Art Gallery Fabrics a while back and was just waiting for inspiration. The fabric features large bunny rabbits and I wanted to make sure I chose a quilt design that would make them shine. The design suited them perfectly with the large panel top and bottom that allowed all the details of this cute fabric to show.

I also had some beautiful and soft grey shot cotton that matched up with the peach hues in this fabric creating a lovely soft feel to the quilt.

I had bought half yards so with the left over fabric decided to make a nursery set including two fabric wall canvases and some matching bunting.

The pattern would also suit other fabric ranges that have a large print included. I have some gorgeous Marine Too fabric by Dan Styles for Birch fabrics that I think would look perfect for a boy. Check out the prints here.

The set is currently available for sale on my website at If you would like to make this yourself my PDF pattern is available here.
I'm linking up with these fun places today Crazy Mum Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.
Till next time....happy sewing....
xx Jenny


  1. I love the accessories and bunting you have made to match the quilt - it all looks lovely.

  2. so so cute, I think the pattern highlights the fabric wonderfully

  3. It can be tough sometimes to find a cute pattern to show off larger prints, but this does a great job. The shot cotton compliments the fabric so well, and the accessories are cute. Lovely finish!

  4. This set is adorable!

  5. What a sweet set and I love the softness of the fabric images!

  6. Love your fabric choices colour combos and fab sewing skills. The room will look lovely

  7. Hey Jenny - Can I give you a photography suggestion? (I'm going to assume you said yes...) ;-) Several of your pictures here seem to be back lit which is causing you to get that blue colour tone because the quilt is in the shade. If you can't reposition yourself to where you're getting a diffused light source, try filling your camera frame with only shade and adjusting your camera setting. For instance, in that last photo, if you would have filled the frame (when taking the photo) with just the fence and not got the brighter area above the fence, your camera could have colour balanced and exposed properly for the quilt because it is not trying to adjust for two very different areas. (Like the photo before it, which is wonderful!) Now... if you actually said "No," when I assumed you said, "Yes," at the very beginning... just hit delete. ;-)


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