Friday, 13 December 2013

It's time to start blogging ....

Well I have been procrastinating for a while about starting up a blog and I must say I am quite nervous about my first post.

What do I say, who will read this, will anyone want to know about little ole me??

Let me start by saying my name is Jenny and my passion is quilting - sounds like I have some sort of problem hey.. I started my first quilt for my son from a quilt kit bought on special from the local Hobbysew and here is the result.

It's not perfect but for a first attempt I was pretty pleased and so was my son Benjamin !!

Then a friend had a baby so back to Hobbysew for another quilt kit - I was still too nervous to make anything where fabric wasn't already chosen and a pattern picked out to match.

And the result was this single bed quilt for Sophie who I'm told by her mum cuddles up under it every night. There is real satisfaction in making something for someone and hearing their joy about it - especially children. Here is a picture of it on her bed.

So as a result I began to make and sell custom made quilts for babies and children and yes I did eventually get the confidence to choose my own fabric and design my own quilt tops.

So this blog is about my journey with quilting and sewing. The highs, the lows and everything in between.

I hope you enjoy it !!


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