Friday, 27 December 2013

The Big Churn Dash

So for the last two years my sister has been asking (well begging) me to make her a quilt for her bed. Problem is she has a king size bed and my largest quilts thus far have been double bed sized. But as it was her 40th birthday this year I really wanted to do something special for her.

The brief was a king size quilt, simple block design (so it would go together quickly) and purple fabric (her favourite colour).

I designed her quilt using simple churn dash blocks with 1.5" white sashing in between blocks and 2.5" white borders.

I decided given the size I would cut out all my pieces first then put each block together. A total of 42 blocks would make up the quilt 6 across and 7 down.
Usually I never square up my blocks (takes to long) but after much advice from my fellow quilters I decided to go through the process and I'm so glad I did. The extra time it took was well worth it in the end.
So with front and back completed my baby was off to the quilters (no I don't have a longarm but like most I wish I had - and secretly hope one day I will !!)
Next it was binding time (yep my least favourite part). I don't really know why I put off binding my quilts because once I get started I quite enjoy it !! I found this gorgeous purple textured plaid in the Sweet Things range by Holly Holderman For Lakehouse Dry Goods, that tied in with the rest of my purples perfectly.
For me, I sew my binding on the front and hand stitch to the back. I wish I could machine it all but unfortunately my attempts so far have been futile and I must admit I do like the hand stitched finish.
and here she is in all her glory and I'm as proud as punch !!
Quilt Front

Reverse side of quilt
I quilt because I love it, it's my passion, my joy and I put my whole heart and sole in every piece I make. I send them to their new owner with love and hope they enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them.
But I have to ask - does anyone else have trouble giving away the quilts they make whether they are to friend or family or even commissioned pieces - I certainly do !!




  1. Such a lovely quilt Jenny! Done in my favourite colours too :) I also love to make quilts, and while I love to gift them to those I love, I also struggle giving them away - I get so attached to them when I am making them.

    1. I think the attachment is not only from the time spent picking fabric, a design and creating but also the love we put in each one.

  2. Wow! Such a beautiful quilt! I've only just discovered quilting, but I have trouble parting with a lot of things I sew for people...and I'm sure I'll have the same trouble with quilts. I think it just means you're proud of your work.


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