Saturday, 21 December 2013

Robot Cot Quilt

My little man's room is set up in a robot theme so I thought I should really make something for him rather than always for everyone else. In saying that he is now 4 months old and still in his bassinette in my room but no matter I often pull the quilt out of the cot and use it as a play mat and it is big enough that both my boys lie on it together!

I wanted something quick and easy so ended up buying a piece of robot fabric and just adding a simple grey border.

So here is Matthew's robot quilt. It was slightly larger than the standard WOF so I added a pieced back with the left over off cuts.

I'm not too keen on wide backing fabrics as in my opinion they tend to be a little boring so I often now piece the backs with some matching backing fabric and left over fabrics from my quilt tops. It also ties the front and back of the quilt together nicely.

I think he likes it !!

And being me I also made a matching blanket, pillow and bunting and hey presto a new nursery set!!

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